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Absolutely amazing experience with Full Circle Debt Solutions. I have had to speak with 4 different representatives and each one was understanding and fully knowlegable. For such an uncomfortable situation made non stressfull is greatly appreciated. If anyone reading this wondering if this company will help you out, realize the step your making into improving your credit history is for the better of your future and they make it simple and pain free. The greatest customer service I have recieved from any company or organization even the training for new employees was unbelievable. If your overcome with too many payments to many collectors please start now and get yourself back on track with Full Circle Debt Solutions!!!

Thomas R

I have been very happy with how helpful Full Circle has been from figuring out what the best course of action to take to helping deal with the creditors. They are very friendly and caring. Also you see what they are doing and how they do it through an account. Thank you Full Circle.


I just want to say thank you for your support, joining up with you guys was the best decision that I made, I am so happy to be debt free. Now, I feel amazing and a big burden has been lifted off of my shoulders, you guys are the best and I would recommend this company to anyone that needed to become debt free like me.

T. Clarke

Before talking with them, I was sure i was screwed and was gonna be in debt for alot longer! I am thankful for the help and support from Full Circle Debt Solutions have and is giving me! Thanks Again!

P. Gaudet

Hello, as I sit here with tears in my eyes I want to thank you for all you are doing to help me. It has been a rough 3 years for me and everything I’ve tried to do to help myself has been a failure. You have made me feel like I am part of your family. Thank you again for all you’ve done for me so far.


My experience with full circle debt has been an awesome life saver, for me mentally and Full Circle debt staff’s were helpful in my debt, so a big thank you to you all!

S. Keteca

Excellent service! Very understanding and attentive. The professionalism was above and beyond my expectations. I am so glad I decided to go with Full Circle Debt Solutions Inc; I have recommend this company to several friends and family already. Top notch service! I really felt that they cared about my situation. Thank you!

H. Bird

Excellent service. They gave me genuinely good advice and were very patient with my questions. Excellent debt management company.

W. Ahmed

Since I have been with the debt repayment plan with Full Circle Total Debt Solutions I feel like I am moving forward in life, it’s a good feeling being able to pay back the debt that I thought I could never pay back. With simple and low payments plans I don’t even notice it every month, I can’t wait until my debt is gone and I will be debt free again. Thank you to u and your fellow colleagues for helping me on this journey to being debt free.

A. Krzikowsky

I just wanted to say I could not thank Full Circle Debt Solutions, enough. After moving to the city I quickly realized I loved my independence however I struggled financially through school and with starting my career on my own. I didn’t realize how out of control my debt had become until I met my fiance and we started looking into planning our wedding and buying a home. I felt very embarrassed that I could not manage my money on my own and refused to talk to anyone out of shame. I made a few attempts to face this debt head on and it took a few months to really commit to “tackling the bear” but it would have only become worse if it were not for your Debt Specialist following up and ensuring I felt comfortable every step of the way. I can now think about the future for the first time in a long time and see success ahead rather than all of my mounting payments and stress. I can’t wait to finish this process and get on track! Thank you all for your kindness and support.

K. Hammond

I am too happy that you were the only people who helped me with my situation when everyone else said no to me. I didnt expect that the impact and damage of those payday loans before it was so terrible.and im lucky because Full Circle was there to get me out of that bad cycle. Those payday loans it ruined my budget and my bank account. It all effected me including my life but the one advice i can give is dont just sit down and keep on thinking about what to do, do something to help your self. Rather than stay home doing nothing just crying and praying waiting for help. it doesn’t work that way. help yourself by asking full circle for help. And the most important thing to me is to protect my properties which full circle helped me do.

E. Ducay

My experience with FCTDS’s has been absolutely amazing! They advised of my options; no judgement on my situations and always willing able to answer my questions!  Their Debt Specialist is an extraordinary individual and as a mother herself gives her the nurturing gesture to want to help others and understands my situation as a single mother of three!  I will be debt free because of this company! Thank you for all your hard work!

A. McCann

I would like to say, I am very grateful for what you have done for me. You and your team have taken care of me very well. I know it is your job, but you have a great job in whatever you are doing for me. I will for sure keep all these messages on a special file so I can remember what you have done for me and be very thankful everyday. I wish for all the best things to happen to you and your team, thank you for the greeting and the wishing for my success to becoming debt free. Also, may you have all the happy blessings, and cheery moods, for a job well done. I will make sure to keep in touch with you when I need any questions to be answered.


Thank you so much! This process has given me a new sense of hope after a horrible year. 🙂 thank you thank you. 🙂

J. George

Hi, it was a true pleasure working with you. Your Debt Solutions Specialist was literally the person to enter my life at the right exact time. I had become so frustrated with calls from creditors that I had become so anxious day after day not knowing how I could dig myself out of this hole. My partner and I had one very rough year with health issues and personal loss. We both lost our jobs and didn’t know what we could do to save our home and also get back on the right financial track. She was so kind, professional and answered every question I had. I would recommend this program for anyone that needs help and is maybe afraid to ask. Get back on track and give these people a call, you will be so glad you did. I am glad that I hired you. Thank you again!


Hi. My husband Alfred and I are former Full Circle Clients. I say that with much joy and relief as we are now in the final stages with the trustee. We have had an extremely difficult journey for nearly 4 years until I found your company. We were with other debt solutions company and we’re getting nowhere. Not only were we being hounded by creditors we weren’t paying off any debt. The stress was overwhelming. This also did not include all of our debt! Get no where around I did the only thing I Prayed everyday for guidance. So I thought what’s one more web search and one more no we can’t help you…. I found full circle

One of your broker reassured me that you could help me. She was firm but caring with her advice and guidance. When I questioned why she always gave me an answer. If she didn’t know ,she told me so and found out an answer. When there was a problem or a hitch she worked through it. When I lost it and would cry she was kind and empathetic and very reassuring. After putting all our paper work together . She then introduced me to your other broker. Who Continued the same caring kind and form guidance. Always checking in with me and making sure I am getting done anything to get our file to the next stage .

I am writing this email to you as it is really important to me you know what an amazing team you have From start to finish . No one was ever to busy to talk with me no matter what I needed it was without fail and true genuine caring That is truly rare and much appreciated. I would just like to know that your brokers are congratulated on the amazing job they did . I can’t tell you how grateful I am. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough . Having peace of mind is priceless………


So the payment cleared ……. Few lol

I just want to thank you for everything and I will continue to send customers to you as I told you when we first spoke I had gone to a few places and every one I had met with made me feel terrible about my situation you were the only one that made me make not only an informative decision but the right decision.

Thank u again for everything it’s been a pleasure working with you!


Hi, I wanted to take a moment to give Full Circle, a Great Thank You!. I am very happy with the work that you have done and the Trustee that you have referred me to. As you are probably aware, the 45 day window for the Credit review / negotiation has passed and the Consumer Proposal that was presented is now in effect.

Since then I can honestly say that my quality of life has greatly improved and I can now rest better knowing that things have been properly dealt with. Again, Thank You very much for taking the time in working with me to resolve my stressful financial fracas.  Should anyone ask, I would wholeheartedly recommend your services. Have a fantastic day.


Thanks so much for your email that really answered my questions. I do appreciate the fact that Full Circle Debit Solution helped me finish what I owe quicker. I would recommend that to any friend that is struggling financially. Thanks so much for taking into consideration my request and for all your help.

Najwa S.

Thank you so much for all your help!  You’ve been wonderful and are so easy to deal with!!  I’m glad I’m going to be on the road to getting everything cleared up!


I am writing you to let you know how i feel about agent. She is an awesome lady and has been so very helpful and understanding. She is very supportive and i thank you for letting us work with her ……..even my husband thinks she is great and that we appreciate everything she is doing for us and walking us through each step alone the way you will never know how much presure she has taken off of us ….thank you so much for having such a wonderful person on your team. God Bless!


Thank you sooo much. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.  We would be happy to give you a statement as to out time with Full Circle if you wish. You guys were the best!


Great news, we have already heard back from most of your creditors with the exception of student loans. They have voted in favour of your consumer proposal. Congrats and thanks to Full Circle for putting the information and terms together. Cheers!

Martin C.

Thank you so much for the great service your company provides us, sometimes in life we go threw bumpy roads and people like you make  it a lot easier to bare, thank you and if possible send me payment statement every month via e-mail, once again thank you and keep up the good work!


It was a great pleasure to talk with you! I am so grateful they found the number to full circle when they were trying to figure out in desperation what to do. I would highly recommend your practice to anyone and everyone. You made me feel so much better when you said honest people trying to get help giving me dignity! Thank you so very much!

Rob S. and Family

OMG!!! I am so happy, I want to jump up and down, but, here at work they will expect it every day… I will wait for your e-mail and I would like to thank everyone at Full Circle for all your help and consideration in my situation. I also recommend you to several people who are in a similar situation.Thank you!

Colleen T.

Thank you, it is very nice to know that in this day in age people still care. Anytime your company needs my recommendations for great service and customer care I will gladly do so, thank you again.

Peter D.

Good morning! Thank you so much for all your help in this matter. Your team is wonderful. I have stopped having chest pains and stomach aches. I can smile again.

Libby W.

As you can appreciate it is never easy calling to gather information about debt issues. When I called one of your agent, I was very emotional and desperate for help, as I have an enormous amount of debt and a very unique situation. She treated me with such kindness, respect and compassion. She was not only very knowledgeable but was also able to answer all my questions. I had called several other debt agencies, and no where else did I feel as comfortable as I did with her. Other agents at other debt agencies were very judgmental and cold, hence the reason I never called them back. Please accept this email as a huge thank you to you for providing such wonderful service and a gigantic Thank You to all. If I ever come across someone struggling with debt the way I was, I will strongly recommend them to call you.

Alyssa T.

It’s been long and difficult but my god the feeling of relief just now is so overwhelming. I appreciate all the support that I have received from Full Circle. You guys took a very difficult decision and handled it with professionalism and more importantly empathy, never once did I feel judged or passed over as unimportant. The banks and credit card companies had no problem helping me dig a 70000.00 hole but when I tried to consolidate my debts to manage them better I was left out in the cold. Lesson learned. Thank you so much!

Frank G.

Thank you so much! You people removed my worries and stress. I felt a bit light now. Once again THANKS.for everything, and all your help. I really appreciate. Bye for now!

Honora C.

I would like to express my heartfelt Thank you to all of you Full Circle Debt Solution. and I am very happy to introduce your company for my friends that needs your help. Once again, Thank you very much for all your help. God Bless you all…


Thanks especially for your services during a time when I was overextended and needed help to resolved my credit situation. Hope a lot more people will seek out your Services. When a person feels like they hit a brick wall trying to keep up With no results, then your company can be trusted to help. Thank you!


I wanted to write this note to say THANK YOU again to you and Full Circle for helping me get everything back in order. It feels so good. I know there have been times that I’ve been a challenge and believe me I am well aware of my weaknesses. You handled everything with professionalism and patience and I am forever grateful for that. Life has new meaning now, especially now I can look forward to saving for important things in my life, and I will NEVER make anymore financial silly mistakes…I’ve learned !!! Again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart !!! :)))


I feel very confident with you in my corner and your patience in explaining a few things to me really really helped. I am so conditioned to pay my creditors and now I can’t anymore and it feels very uncomfortable, but working through that. I think you and I already talked about that sometime back.


Great to hear from you today. Thank you for calling. You relieved a lot of my stress just by talking to you. I will get the information ready to fax to you tomorrow or at the latest Wednesday.

Relieved a lot of Stress

Hi Roy just wanted to take a chance to thank you again and tell you how grateful I am to have somebody to help me. You made me feel so comfortable about dealing with my problems. I am actually excited about life for once I really appreciate it. Roy you’re a good man I feel very lucky that our paths have crossed. I know with your help I will finally be able to get things back on track and I look forward to starting a family thank you so much Roy. I spent a few hours last night working out a budget I’m excited to start implementing it. I honestly am starting to feel like my old self again. I can’t thank you enough.


I would like to express my heartfelt Thank you to all of you Full Circle Debt Solution. and I am very happy to introduce your company for my friends that needs your help. Once again, Thank you very much for all your help. God Bless you all…

Heartfelt Thanks

Thank you so much for the great service your company provides us, sometimes in life we go through bumpy roads and people like you make it a lot easier to bare, thank you and keep up the good work.

Easier to Bare

I would like to express my heartfelt Thank you to all of you Full Circle Debt Solution. and I am very happy to introduce your company for my friends that needs your help. Once again, Thank you very much for all your help. God Bless you all…

Heartfelt Thanks

Thank you, it is very nice to know that in this day in age people still care. Anytime your company needs my recommendations for great service and customer care I will gladly do so. Thank you.

People Still Care

Wow, I feel so much better! Yes it is wonderful to finally be out of debt and I thank Full Circle Debt Solutions Inc. so much for taking me on as a client and allowing me to make my monthly payments as it made it so much easier and take major stress from my life – your company was certainly a life saver for me… THANKS again!

A Life Saver For Me

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